HS602DE Patristics Syllabus.pdfHS602DE Patristics Syllabus.pdf

HS602DE: Patristics - The Church Fathers

The early Church Fathers addressed fundamental questions about the Church in their writings. Included are texts on Christology, the Trinity, the sacraments and other topics. Writings from the Eastern and Western Fathers will be read so as to understand better how the Church currently “breathes with both lungs.”

Instructor: David Lopez

MO844DE Moral Theology

An introduction to Catholic moral teaching including natural law; character, virtue, acts and object of acts; scriptural basis for moral teaching; an introduction to Veritatis splendor and Magisterial teaching.

PA931DE Hospital Ministry Abstract.pdfPA931DE Hospital Ministry Abstract.pdf

PA931DE: Health Care Ministry

This course acquaints students with the practical skills required for successful ministry in a Hospital or similar setting.  An introduction to the responsibilities of the chaplain in a hospital or other medical facility in the context of the six major roles filled by the chaplain. Practical modules include: visiting the sick, death bereavement and end of life issues, cultural challenges. crisis ministry and the obligations of a professional in a chaplain position. Participants are required to visit a hospital, work with a chaplain, and complete assigned tasks relating to clinical visits in addition to readings, reflection papers and examination. This course is designed to assist deacons who are asked to minister as a chaplain; it is not preparation for a profession or career as a health care facility chaplain.

PA951DE Best Practices in Parish Administration.pdfPA951DE Best Practices in Parish Administration.pdf

PA951DE Best Practices in Parish Administration

The course serves as an overview of civil legal and financial issues faced by the parish.  Topics addressed include:  overview of civil law; contracts; negligence and premises liability; land use and zoning; employment law, workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation; festivals, Bingo, casinos and liquor liability; tax exempt status; confidentiality/privileged communications; protection of children; and financial management.  Students will be asked to review and analyze actual published case decisions.