BI601DE The Prophets- Abstract.pdfBI601DE The Prophets- Abstract.pdf

BI601DE: The Prophets

The contribution of the prophets of Israel to the biblical corpus and therefore to the beliefs and practices of Jews and Christians who have inherited its implications for faith is unquestioned. A deacon in the Catholic Church should be cognizant of this contribution so he can absorb its lessons into his own moral life, but also so he can successfully communicate them in his preaching and teaching. 

Facilitator: Michael Ross
BI944DE The Book of Revelation-Abstract.pdfBI944DE The Book of Revelation-Abstract.pdf

BI944DE The Book of Revelation

Love of the Word of God involves becoming ever more deeply informed about its origin, meaning, and application.  This course is designed to give the participant an appreciation of the Book of Revelation by a careful study of the text as Sacred Scripture and how we approach its use as preachers and as a Church. 

 A study of Revelation will require careful thought about the pastoral problems caused by popular fundamentalist interpretations.  In addition, the participant will learn how it has influenced Christian thinking about worship, justice, witness, and the linkages that must exist among them.  

 The course will cover the entire Book of Revelation and draw upon the disciplines of pastoral theology, moral theology and church literature.  Students will be expected to participate in small-group discussions with collaborative effort among the group.  

Facilitator: Bill Dunn, Jake Runyon
DO701DE Ecclesiology Abstract.pdfDO701DE Ecclesiology Abstract.pdf

DO701DE Ecclesiology

This course examines the nature of the church and its emerging challenges, especially regarding the ministry of her ordained ministers.  This course considers both classic, historical insights and new directions in ecclesiology.  Central to the course is a critical examination of two documents of the Second Vatican Council: The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church (Lumen gentium) and The Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World (Gaudium et spes).  In many respects, the entire course is an extended dialogue with these two foundational documents.  Through it all, however, our focus is pastoral: how can our image of Church enhance our ministries?

Facilitator: Bill Ditewig
MO841DE Medical and Health Care Morality -Abstract.pdfMO841DE Medical and Health Care Morality -Abstract.pdf

MO841DE: Medical and Health Care Morality

Explores the theology of the human body, personhood, and human dignity in protecting life from beginning to end and in treating illness.  This course will be of particular interest to deacons and their colleagues in ministry who are involved in hospital, nursing home, ministry to the aging, or other similar settings.

Facilitator: Peter Gummere
PA868DE Pastoral Counseling -Abstract.pdfPA868DE Pastoral Counseling -Abstract.pdf

PA868DE: Pastoral Counseling

Presents basic counseling theory, addressed counseling process and skill development, focused on assessment, listening, and goal setting. Especially designed for deacons and their colleagues in ministry who may not be familiar with the protocols of the helping professions, it discusses emotional/mental disorders for assessment and professional referral.

Facilitator: Bob McCormick
PA883DE Marriage and Family -Abstract.pdfPA883DE Marriage and Family -Abstract.pdf

PA883DE: Marriage and Family

The pastoral aspects of ministry with families including marriage preparation in the parish.

A vision for pastoral care of families is developed by focusing on:

  • Church teaching,
  • The dignity of marriage,
  • The marital embrace, and
  • The family
Facilitator: Deanna Chvatal
PA902DE Planning and Implementing Funeral and Memorial Services- Abstract.pdfPA902DE Planning and Implementing Funeral and Memorial Services- Abstract.pdf

PA902DE Planning and Conducting Funeral and Memorial Services

Funerals and Memorial Services from the beginning stages of death right up through the final burial and committal service.  Study and review of the current Roman Catholic guidelines covering vigils and calling hours, funeral masses, memorial services, committal services, grave side services, and cremations.  Addresses difficult funerals including services for infants, suicides, tragic deaths, and multiple deaths. 

Facilitator: Bob McCormick
PA951DE Best Practices in Parish Administration.pdfPA951DE Best Practices in Parish Administration.pdf

PA951DE Best Practices in Parish Administration

The course serves as an overview of civil legal and financial issues faced by the parish.  Topics addressed include:  overview of civil law; contracts; negligence and premises liability; land use and zoning; employment law, workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation; festivals, Bingo, casinos and liquor liability; tax exempt status; confidentiality/privileged communications; protection of children; and financial management.  Students will be asked to review and analyze actual published case decisions.

Facilitator: Ken Barrett
SP611DE Spirituality -Abstract.pdfSP611DE Spirituality -Abstract.pdf

SP611DE: Spirituality

The sources, principles and practices of sound spirituality with the fundamental truths of Catholic faith as applied to deacons and the development of sound spirituality. The need for and values to be gained from integration of spiritual reading, personal prayer, private devotion and liturgical worship contribute to sound pastoral practice in diaconal ministry. In addition to a review of theories or approaches to spirituality, the course includes practical aspects of spirituality in diaconal ministry.

Facilitator: Eddie Ensley