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PA990DE: Introduction to Grief Counseling

This course guides the students though an exploration of the many facets of a person who is grieving. Completion of this course will allow the participant to identify with those who bereave a loss and allow the student to experience a methodology of counseling to apply in their ministry.

The student will explore the attitude that we have toward loss, death; define what grief and bereavement mean; identify factors that influence different reactions to grief; examine different grieving scenarios; consider cultural differences among various religions; explore the healing process through counseling; learn how to develop a good grief group; and list professional organizations and helpful resources for grieving and those who help them.

In addition, each student will be assigned the role of acting as a student to another student who will play the role of a grieving person, thereby allowing the students to gain practical insight into the theoretical basis of the course. Students will be required to give a weekly report on the progress of their assigned client and provide feedback on their assigned counselor.

Completion of the course does not certify the student to act as a licensed or certified grief counselor but serves as an introductory level course that will help the student understand the grieving process and successfully conduct individual or group grief counseling sessions. 

Instructor: Deanna Chvatal