PA631DE Principles of Catechesis

 This course in Catechesis in intended to afford the student a broad cast foundation in Christian Instruction (which in Greek is rendered “Instruction”).   The methodology employed is primarily historical, which will afford the student a perspective through time on various methods and attempts at Christian Instruction through time.  Such a view is intended to assist the student in perceiving and assessing when and in what circumstances catechesis has or has not been effective (and why),

 Particular emphasis will be placed on an appreciation of the Catechumenate in the early centuries of the Church, and why the reforms of the Second Vatican Council have insisted that many of its elements be reintroduced in the spiritual and intellectual formation of those seeking admission to the Church.

This course is designed for those who will be involved in planning and implementing faith formation for all ages and anyone interested in learning more about emerging models of catechesis. The course provides a survey of emerging models and approaches to faith formation. The reading assignments and presentations will point to texts, journals, web sites and parishes that provide and practice the models described. The course will encourage conversation and mutual learning about all approaches to parish faith formation across the life span with the goal of assisting all who bear this responsibility.