Submitting or Resubmitting an Assignment

To submit an assignment or revise an assignment submission, first open the assignment in the learning management system (LMS).

1.  Go to the LMS at

2.  Login to the system and in the Navigation Panel, Click on MY COURSES

3.  Click on the name of the course that you are taking.

3.  Either go to the module where the assignment is located or using the Activities block (which is just below the Navigation block on the left side of the screen) click on the Assignments list.

4.  In the assignments list, click on the assignment you are working on.

5.  The status of this assignment is located just below the Grading status.  Scroll down until you see the assignment submission form

Screen Print of a Submission Status Block

6a.  If the Edit Submission button is visible:  Click on the EDIT SUBMISSION button which looks like this:

Edit Submission Button

6b.     If the assignment has been posted as ONLINE TEXT, you will see the following:

Add a new attempt based on a previous submission.

Click on the Add a new attempt BASED ON PREVIOUS SUBMISSION button to see your submission and update it.  Once you have made your changes, click on Save Changes.  If you select the option to start over, your previous submission will be cleared.  

Note: If you are using the cut and past text option and click on the second Add a new attempt as a new submission, the system will remove the first attempt and present you with an empty form.  Please check with your facilitator to learn if your facilitator wants you to clear out the first submission in the online text area or to retain it for reference below the current submission.  In every case, the most current submission should be at the top of the box.

7. When you click on "Edit Submission" or "Add a new attempt..." you will be presented with two options for submitting your assignment:

   7.1  Copy and Paste your assignment into the Online Text box

   7.2  Upload a MS Word file containing your assignment into the File Submission Box.

7.1.  The ONLINE TEXT box where you paste the assignment is at the top of the submission page.  If you are using a tablet, or do not work in Microsoft Word, this is the primary means of submitting your material.  If you are copying your text from your word processor, this is the area where you paste it.  Please note that some browsers require that you paste using the keyboard shortcut.   To paste use CTRL+V on a PC or use Command+V on a Mac.

The ONLINE TEXT box looks like this:

Screen print of the Online Text Area

When you click the Tool Toggle button Toggle Button image in the upper left corner of the box, the tool bar becomes three lines.  

On the third line of the expanded toolbar, on the far right is a Paste from Word Icon that looks like this: Icon for Paste from Word

When you click the Paste from Word icon, there is an input box where you can paste the data  you copied from your MS Word document.

Paste from Word

7.2  Submit an assignment using File Upload

CAUTION:  If you are intending to submit a Microsoft Word document with your work, please DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE ONLINE TEXT box.  Using the ONLINE TEXT box tells the facilitator that this is what you want graded.  If you use this area for comments, your grade will be based on how well your comments meet the requirements of the assignment.  If there is text in the ONLINE TEXT box, the submitted file will not be graded.

NOTE:  When you submit an assignment via a file upload, please change the name of your document to include your name, a VERSION  number for the assignment and the assignment name.  When you update an assignment, the prior document will still be in the file box.  To avoid confusion about which paper is the current one, please include a version number in the file name of the new document.  The existing file will look like this:

Existing File Image

A second file submitted will be on the left and look like this.  Please note the VERSION NUMBER.

File Submission Image - Two documents

The add a file to the upload box you have two choices:

  1. Use the file manager to drag and drop a file into the box or
  2. Use the navagation dialog to find a file on your computer.

To use the File Manager / File Explorer to drag and drop a new file into the box, you will have to open the file program and resize the file manager window so that you can see both the files window and the web page with the file submission box. 

 Image of two screens using drag and drop

Your screen may look different, however this is one way that the file manager window in the upper right would look on top of the browser window with the File Submissions window at the bottom.

Drag and drop the file from the file manager into the file submissions box.

While it is uploading, you will see a progress bar.  Once it is done, you will see the newest file on the left and the other versions to the right of the new one.



When you have uploaded the file or pasted your text you MUST click SAVE CHANGES.  If you do not save changes, the system will not save your submission.  Once you have SAVED CHANGES your facilitator will be notified and can grade or provide feedback on your work, depending on how the course is setup.


Once you have uploaded and saved your document or online text, the Submission status screen will look like this:

Submission Status

The Submission Status may say DRAFT, that is OK.  The facilitator can see and review your work.

DO NOT CLICK "SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT" if you want your assignment to be treated as a draft.  
When you are done with the assignment and will not be making any more updates, then click SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT.   

After you save changes, If you wish to provide submission comments to your facilitator, there is a section SUBMISSION COMMENTS below the FILE Submission or Text Submission entry and type in a comment to make your request clear.  Click on the COMMENTS title to open the input box.

Submission Comments Box

Clarify your request and then click SAVE COMMENT.

This completes your assignment submission.  

Last modified: Tuesday, 19 May 2015, 4:08 PM