Conference Call and Chat Room Protocol

There are normally three conference calls for each course.  They are scheduled for the first, fifth and eleventh weeks.

During these calls the facilitator addresses questions about course content and expectations for the students.  There will be time for questions in each call.  Because of the number of students on the line we have adopted a protocol for conference calls.

The conference call itself is made using a telephone, calling the phone number of the conference call service and entering the student access code.  The student access code and number are posted in the module and in the information block at the top of each course.

In addition to the call itself there is a chat room.  The chat room provides a bulletin board where people can check in, ask questions and request permission to talk (aka raise your hand).  When the students are not talking their phone should be on mute to avoid a cacophony of background noises.  Many phones have a mute button or you may use the conference call mute function which is *6  to mute and *6 again to unmute.  

Protocol for Conference Calls: 

1.  Please sign into the Chat Session to sign in and confirm your participation,
2.  Dial into the conference call number and after greeting the facilitator place your phone on mute.

During the call, you may be instructed to respond to a question in the chat room or via voice.

If you want to ask a question, in the chat session type ??  followed by your question.  
If you want make a statement, in the chat session type // followed by the topic you would like to discuss.
The facilitator will recognize you when its your turn to speak. 

When you are not speaking, please use the MUTE button on your phone or the Self-Mute function on the conference call service ( *6 will mute your phone and *6 will unmute )

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