Participation in Forum Discussions

The key to effective learning, especially distance learning, is interactivity among the instructors and the learners. This interactivity takes two forms: technical (we’ll look after that!) and intellectual – and that’s where you come in.  At the end of most modules, we’ll pose a question or two and ask that you reply thoughtfully (about 50-100 words ought to do it) to the question itself.  (Remember – these are public writings…if you have concerns which are best addressed in private, you may wish to email me directly. If necessary, I’ll contact one of our subject matter experts for clarification    After others have posted their replies, respond thoughtfully to at least one classmate’s posting.   Finally, after some one has responded to your main posting, answer them so that some dialog occurs among those in the class. How long is long enough? Abe Lincoln was once asked “How long should a man’s legs be?  His answer: Long enough to touch the ground!   How many posts are enough to maintain dialog?  It’s all up to you, but know that, in a class of fourteen students, we had well over one thousand posts by the time the class ended! Remember…dialog, dialog dialog!  Go for it!

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