Photo of the PCJ in Columbus Ohio

Welcome to the Summer semester.   

If you change your email address
, please do not make the change in the Student Registration Profile.  Instead, please send a note to and I will make the changes across the systems.  In a future release this will not be necessary but until then, changing your email in the Student Registration System will result in a disconnect between your email login and your coursework in the LMS.     

The Learning Management System (LMS) has capabilities that enhance the learning experience at the Josephinum Diaconate Institute.  Please take some time to review the documents and videos on sending messages, retrieving messages, submitting assignments, participating in chat sessions and participating in forums.  There are also documents and videos on managing the LMS activity blocks.  As you get into the course there are also documents and videos on reviewing grades and receiving feedback on your assignments.

Please make sure that you review the calendar for your class(s) and make note of the first REQUIRED telephone conference call.  Also make note of the assignments, forum posts and readings.

We are thrilled to have you with us this semester and pray daily for your success.  May God bless you abundantly for the efforts that you put forth to be better formed for His work.

Deacon Ben LoCasto

Note: This is the Learning Management System (LMS).  To register for these classes or check your final grades, you must log into the STUDENT RECORDS AND REGISTRATION SYSTEM.  Please note that the passwords in the LMS and Student Records system are the same.  Click HERE to log into the Student Registration and Records System.

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