This course takes in a broad view of philosophy from the ancient Greek philosophers all the way to the philosophers of our own time. The elements of philosophy with which we are specifically concerned are those that have influenced the development of Catholic theology. We will open the course with assigned readings from Pope John Paul II’s encyclical, Fides et ratio (Faith and reason); we will do sections of that encyclical over a period of several weeks. In addition, the course draws on the encyclopedic nine-volume work A History of Philosophy by Frederick Copleston, S.J. Fr. Copleston taught at Oxford University for a number of years. We will also have readings from Philosophy for Understanding Theology, by Diogenes Allen and Eric Springsted. You will need a bible to refer to certain scripture passages that are relevant; and you will need access to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The early Church Fathers addressed fundamental questions about the Church in their writings. Included are texts on Christology, the Trinity, the sacraments and other topics. Writings from the Eastern and Western Fathers will be read so as to understand better how the Church currently “breathes with both lungs.”

HS602DE Patristics Syllabus.pdfHS602DE Patristics Syllabus.pdf

Presents basic counseling theory, addressed counseling process and skill development, focused on assessment, listening, and goal setting. Especially designed for deacons and their colleagues in ministry who may not be familiar with the protocols of the helping professions, it discusses emotional/mental disorders for assessment and professional referral.

PA868DE Pastoral Counseling -Abstract.pdfPA868DE Pastoral Counseling -Abstract.pdf

The sources, principles and practices of sound spirituality with the fundamental truths of Catholic faith as applied to deacons and the development of sound spirituality. The need for and values to be gained from integration of spiritual reading, personal prayer, private devotion and liturgical worship contribute to sound pastoral practice in diaconal ministry. In addition to a review of theories or approaches to spirituality, the course includes practical aspects of spirituality in diaconal ministry.

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