BI601DE The Prophets- Abstract.pdfBI601DE The Prophets- Abstract.pdf

The contribution of the prophets of Israel to the biblical corpus and therefore to the beliefs and practices of Jews and Christians who have inherited its implications for faith is unquestioned. A deacon in the Catholic Church should be cognizant of this contribution so he can absorb its lessons into his own moral life, but also so he can successfully communicate them in his preaching and teaching. 

Sacramental Theology

MO841DE Medical and Health Care Morality -Abstract.pdfMO841DE Medical and Health Care Morality -Abstract.pdf

Explores the theology of the human body, personhood, and human dignity in protecting life from beginning to end and in treating illness.  This course will be of particular interest to deacons and their colleagues in ministry who are involved in hospital, nursing home, ministry to the aging, or other similar settings.