PA631DE Principles of Catechesis

This course in Catechesis in intended to afford the student a broad foundation in Christian Instruction (which is rendered by the term “Catechesis,” from the ancient Greek). The premise is theological and practical, which will afford the student a perspective on the essence and methods of Christian instruction and development.  Course participants will establish a firm foundation and spiritual context for catechesis. 

Particular emphasis is placed on an appreciation of the Catechumenate in the Church, and why the reforms of the Second Vatican Council have insisted that many of its elements be reintroduced in the spiritual and intellectual formation of those seeking admission to the Church.

This course is designed for those who will be responsible for the planning and implementing of faith formation within the parish and other communities. The course provides a central philosophy of catechesis. The reading assignments and presentations will lay the foundation for understanding catechesis and will point to texts, journals, websites and parishes that provide and practice various models. The course will encourage conversation and mutual learning about the foundation and premises of catechesis, as well as approaches to parish faith formation across the life span, with the goal of assisting all who bear this responsibility in carrying out their ministry.

Catechesis is especially important in the formation of deacon candidates and in post-ordination continuing formation, as deacons are the ordinary ministers of the Gospel as preachers and teachers, and often bear catechetical responsibilities in their assignments.